Gold PK Ring(19MM)

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It suit for different magic show,you can use your creativity and imagination to act out numbers magic effect,and you can even put it in different application of the old magic,let the people who think know the secret surprise. Play including:telekinesis,air dun currency,the mind move things,teleport,coins in glass,the bottle caps,coins wear bottle,time pause,etc. Looking for a larger PK magnetic ring? They're one of the coolest styles available and strong! Made from Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets crafted into a stylish ring. This is one of the coolest looking rings you can find. This magnetic ring is super strong allowing you to perform some of the most awesome magic tricks requiring a magnetic ring! Be careful not to drop your ring especially on a hard surface. While Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets are extremely strong, they are also fragile. A drop, even from waist height onto a hard surface like concrete can shatter the ring. This is how you measure your ring circumference: Prepare a pen, a small strip of paper, and a ruler. Wrap the paper around your ring finger (but not too tight), make a mark at the end of the strip with the pen. Use the ruler to measure the start of the paper strip to where the marking is; find your ring size according to the chart below. Magnetic Ring Size Chart: Size Inside Diameter of ring Approx Circumference of Finger Small 18mm 56.52mm Medium 19mm 59.66mm Large 20mm 62.80mm Extra-Large 21mm 65.94mm Note: This product does not come in a package by default, if you require a plastic container, please contact customer support.
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